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Worst sacrifice note ever found late

Sometimes there are acts of heroism that go noticed, sometimes there are acts of heroism that go unnoticed, and then there are the times that something happens that makes you laugh at the pure sadness of timing. Welcome to the sadness story only made retarded with the help of the parents.

In Nadia, India a twelve year old — not twenty-something year old, but a 12 year old who probably already had enough of a crap life — decided to help the family.

What sort of sacrifice would Mumpy … wait, what? Serious? Parents named a child Mumpy? Maybe this story isn’t about a girl sarcrificing herself for others but of a sacrifice to end an existence without the happiness that Jennifer, Stacy, Paris, Lindsay, and Bertha could experience because their parents were more creative.

Well, Mumpy, figured that she could help her father save his eye sight, save her brother’s life with a kidney transplant, and keep from being placed into a slave arranged marriage where a possible dowry could cost the family money.

Mumpy ended her own life, committing suicide, leaving a note explaining her feelings and wishes that the family continue on with her memory but mostly for her family to keep living healthy and functional lives.

The note was found one day after Mumpy was cremated.

Suicide failure

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One Response to “Worst sacrifice note ever found late”

  1. Gee Whillickers, what a bunch of Retards! Ahahahahahaha! ****ing retards! I hate ALL retards! SO does God! Ahahahaha

    Retard Hater on 06 Feb 2012 at 7:40 am

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