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Las Vegas Casino steals from jackpot customer

When you are in Vegas, Atlantic City, or Macau, when the lights and noises start erupting on a slot machine it’s obvious that money is won. When the lawyers get involved and the court system needs to intervene, it’s not slot machine winning but casino mind-changing that is occurring. What would you do if a casino tried trading your $57,000,000 winning slot pull into $100.00 and a cheap dinner?

If you were Behar Merlaku and a 26-year-old slot machine winner, you would find a way to get the extra $56,999,900 and would employ lawyers to help you. The lawsuit seemed to take as much man power as Las Vegas hotels.

Casinos Austria AG, the company that runs the casino in Bregenz, Austria along with other casinos in other places, is claiming that a software glitch caused the win. Because of the blame of the software glitch, the casino found a way to successfully not have to pay out the win. Will they really get away with it? Maybe…

Now the disgruntled Behar is to launch a lawsuit in Austria next month to force the casino to follow through with the ‘win’, his lawyers say he is entitled to because of the what machine said. But what if the slot machine instead of saying “win $57 million” it said “slam your face into wall until dead” would be required to honor the request?

Since the casino will prove that the error occurred and can prove the problem exists, they will get out of having to pay anything and the winner will become a loser with his lost bet and now lawyer costs. Costs that will probably be far more than staying at any ritzy New York City or hotels in Washington DC.

Good luck to the cheating casino.

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One Response to “Las Vegas Casino steals from jackpot customer”

  1. A software glitch , so the software is set to only pay at a set time and manner
    So basically they are saying that the slots are rigged to make a winner when the Casino sees fit

    Mutantone on 30 Sep 2012 at 7:45 am

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