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Chinese cannibal brings wife to America for snack

The Chinese people are known for some of their odd customs and though their traditions might be dated back further in history than America has existed as America. Though some traditions and social actions are looked upon with respect or curiosity, bringing a spouse across the world to eat part of her might not catch on.

When 79-year-old Jieming Liu came to the United States with his wife, the intention was to be close to their son, who was the first on-scene post initial cannibalism act.

Investigators of the incident, in which Liu allegedly killed his wife Yuee Zhou (73-years-old), have been following the impression that Liu has lost his marbles or his mind or his faculties… but chances are this is the smartest thing that Liu had accomplished in his life. Being able to kill a spouse and then remove her arm below the elbow, possibly consume a little bit of her, then claim ignorance; the brilliance of getting away with the smallest charges possible should be commended.

No way would Retard News (or it’s parent, Retard Zone) would ever recommend that someone eat another person (this is a bad habit and really should be kept as one). But in the interest of the news, there might be some Chinese for dinner tonight.

There is no news on whether Liu was hungry an hour later (right, stupid, but needed to be put out there).

There’s more you can read about the astonishing Chinese malnutrition associated with eating people here.

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